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November 19, 2012
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Kokoro by Sonicfan101ist Kokoro by Sonicfan101ist
Shadow: ~I was just a robot that was made
by a smart and lonley scientist
you can say his creation was a "miracle"
but there is something missing in me
it is something can't be made
something called a kokoro(heart)
in a program
few hundred years passed in front of me
through out that whole time i was alone
this robot had just one wish to say and one hope...
I want to know who was that man
and how did he spent the last days of his life
working to make one thing just for me
now a miracle made for me
working with enormous speed
why cant I stop all these tears from pouring out?
and why am I shaking like this?
I feel my heart beating fast
is this what I have hoped for?
my own kokoro~

Sonic: ~He's just a robot that was made
by a smart and lonley scientist
you can say his creation was a "miracle"
but there is still something missing him
one important thing that can't be made
its something called heart
in a program
I hope I can teach him to know
happiness and sadness in this beautiful world
this scientist only had one wish and a one hope
time right then and now could be stoped
he put this all into his heart and himself
in his mind he just hears a little voice
and this kokoro
I can see reflection in your eyes
everything that you want
I know that your confused inside
but you need a kokoro
I wont be forever by your side
so I'm going to start
and he did everything in his hands
but he still cant undertsand~

Shadow: ~(Why are you crying?) Mystery kokoro
kokoro mystery
atleast i'm happy and i know it really feels
kokoro mystery
mystery kokoro
and now i know what true sadness really means
mystery kokoro
kokoro mystery
how are deep feeling inside of me
I'm starting now to understand
the a reason I was born
cause in this world it must be sad being alone~

Sonic: ~The very first miracle was
when you where born and you opened your eyes
and this second miracle was
all the time you spent by my side~

(Shadow: ~And the days I've spent with you, I see them all~)

Sonic: ~The third miracle I can't see~

(Shadow: ~Now everything in my mind~)

Sonic: ~Now I dont know if it even exists~

(Shadow: ~From now thoses memories live in my heart I can see~)

Sonic: ~A few hundred years across~

(Shadow: ~Real and sincer words~)

Sonic: ~A message with a voice I received~

(Shadow: ~I dedicate this song to you~)

Sonic: ~Its an angle from the future that is far sing with love that happiness thanks from him~

(Shadow: ~Thank you for all, thank you for all~)

Sonic: ~The very first miracle was made~

(Shadow: ~For giving me life into this beautiful world~)

Sonic: ~When you were born and first opened your eyes~

(Shadow: ~Thank you for all, Thank you for all~)

Sonic: ~The second mircal was when you spent time by my side~

(Shadow: ~And for all the days we spent together~)

Sonic: ~The unbelevieable third miracle was~

(Shadow: ~Thank you for all, thank you for all~)

Sonic: ~Was an angel singing with a heart~

(Shadow: ~For giving me what I always wanted and wished for~)

Sonic: ~I dont need anything else in my life~

(Shadow: ~Thank you for all, Thank you for all~)

Sonic: ~Cause I want to hold you tight~

(Shadow: ~I'll sing for you forever. Thank you for all, thank you for all~)

"His life ended,
He gave him the inheritance of solitude,
and he entrusted him with the key to the miracle.
But the miracle lasted only for a moment,
the kokoro was far too big for him
Unable to withstand that weight,
the machine shorted and was never to move again.
How ever his face was filled with a smile.
He looked like an angel."

This song is about a lonely scientist who decided to make a robot when his parents left him. At a young age the robot was activated. But when he stook out his hand to welcome the robot into the world, the robot didn't respond. From how the robot reacted to the stuck out hand, the scientist knew the robot was lacking a heart. Through out his entire life the scientist has done three things with the heartless robot, making a heart program, teaching the robot about feelings and spending time with him. Few hundred years later after the scientists death, The robot's heart program somehow activated giving him every feeling known. He felt sadness first then happiness as he explored a near by huge beautiful tree, but what he saw brought him back to sadness. A skeleton of his masters hand. More tears were brought to his eyes as he found out why he was created. (*is to lazy to type up explainations*) Somehow the YOUNG scientist was brought to the future to spend one more time with his heartfull robot.
Later as the sunset. The Scientist somehow died again and dissapeared into a bunch of fallen rose petals as he returns to the pat. Sadly the robot couldn't survive with the kokoro or heart was too big for him to handle and basicly he powered down and was unable to activate again.

Hm......If we were to rp this and you or a FC saw the robot shadow thing under the huge tree, what would you do?

link to song: [link] Trust me. This song is BEAUTIFUL!! ;-;

Sonic and Shadow belong to: SEGA


Btw, this IS sonadow >:3
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Maria-the-hedgehog00 Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Maria: *Sees something under a huge tree* What is that...? *Walks to the tree and sees the robot*
Sonicfan101ist Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
RB Shadow: *powered down*
(Incase you were not reading the comments, "RB" means Robot)
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